You know App Store – what about OER store?

Advantages of using app store as OER delivery mechanism:

  • App store is a self-publishing platform. OER content creators can publish, update their OERs to the proposed OER/Education app store.
  • Each published OER will have a unique product page. On this page:
    • User can comment, rate the OER material, provide feedbacks to content provider.
    • Content provider can add video instructions, screen shots, faqs and etc.
  • User ratings and comments can serve as crowd-sourced quality control mechanism.
  • App store will provide search and categorization which help users to quickly locate published OER materials.

App store with offline support. We can redesign app store with offline support so app store contents can be distributed on MicroSD cards. The advantages of this approach are:

  • Deliver OER materials to tablets and smartphones without internet.
  • Distribute MicroSD cards are cheaper (32Gb MicroSD Class 10 card for USD 12 link) comparing to expensive bandwidth at some developing countries.
  • MicroSD      cards are easy to duplicate and update.

Author: Ricky Cheng

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