Classroom without walls 2 generation prototype improvements

Here are some classroom without walls 2 generation prototype improvements:

  • Replace Nexus 7 tablet with Android mini pc MK808 (link)
    • Without LCD screen, MK808 can last much longer than Nexus 7 on the same battery capacity.
    • MK808 is lighter and more portable.
    • MK808 supports external MicroSD card up to 32Gb.
  • HAME A100 Wifi hotspot (link)
    • HAME A100 can also serve as a 5200 mAh mobile power bank thus reduce CWW to two components from three.
    • HAME A100 supports up to 20 wireless devices. (ASUS WL-330gE can only support up to 5 wireless devices)
    • CWW can be powered on by switching HAME A100 to R position.

The Linux system and all the server contents are stored on the MicroSD card. So CWW can serve contents such as K-12 textbooks, moodle courses or offline Wikipedia by simply inserting in different MicroSD cards.

Author: Ricky Cheng

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